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Save crazy amount of time and never lose good ideas: AudioPin, the Speech-to-Text App ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Published 7 months ago • 1 min read

I've been trying out a new app called AudioPen. It's great for those who prefer speaking their thoughts rather than writing them down. The idea is simple: we often find it easier to explain things verbally, just like we're talking to a friend.

When I used to write for AOL, my style was conversational, which was only sometimes popular with the grammar experts! But that's why I love AudioPen. Even if your ideas aren't crystal clear, you can still get them out by pressing a button and recording your thoughts.

The best part? AudioPen uses AI technology to tidy up your spoken words into readable text. This will save you so much time making AudioPen perfect for creating content like newsletters or blog posts - in fact, this very message was recorded using the app!

You can also upload audio clips or text files and let the app do its magic on those too. There's a free version limited to three-minute recordings, but an upgrade option offers way more features.

Soon I'll be signing up for this upgraded 'prime' version and will share an affiliate link below so you can try it out, too if you'd like. The developer of this incredible application is Luis Pereira; he has done some brilliant work here at (link below).

In short: five stars from me for AudioPen! Check back soon!


Video and Screenshots Below

video preview

AudioPen (Affiliate Link) AudioPen (Affiliate Link)
AudioPen (Affiliate Link) AudioPen (Affiliate Link)
AudioPen (Affiliate Link)

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