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I recently made a video discussing the content creator journey, especially for those trying to earn some cash while growing their channel. It's essential to recognize that content creation is a marathon, not a sprint, and it requires genuine passion. It might be tough if you're in it just for the money.

However, if you have a mission or valuable insights to share, remember the saying: help enough people get what they want, and you'll get what you want. For me, it's about teaching others to enhance their business and life while still making a profit.

Many jump into content creation expecting instant success or income, chasing vanity or acceptance. But reality often hits hard. In my video, I shared tips on making an income as you build your brand. One idea was becoming a professional thumbnail maker—there's a demand for those skills!

And talk about timing—right after posting that video, I got asked if I was looking for someone to create YouTube thumbnails! It's proof that these opportunities are real.

Another big opportunity is remote producing. Many in our community already have the gear and could start right away. I encouraged our LGL family to set up a service page and begin—it could help with the bills or treat yourself while working towards your goals.

If you can spare the time, check out the video (feel free to speed-watch at 2x). The link will be included here. Funnily enough, this topic came up again during an Instagram live with Stephanie Garcia.

I hope you're all doing well and enjoying the holiday season. Let's end this year with a bang!



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